Trelock LS 300 I-GO VECTOR


With a straight length of approx. 9 cm and a width of approx. 4 cm, the LS 300 I-GO VECTOR is a small and compact front light which, thanks to double-lens technology, brings a remarkable 30 lux onto the road – and of course, it is StVZO-compliant! The built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 12 hours and can be conveniently charged via USB. The clearly visible LED indicator provides information about the battery charge level. As with the LS 600, the tool-free bracket is also included in this model. The lateral visibility increases safety in road traffic.

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USB rechargeable light
up to 12 h running time
Lithium-ion battery
Start-up protection
single snap closure
battery indicator
2 Levels
Compact Size
30 Lux
Field of vision: 45 m
Visibility: 2750 m
StVZO certified

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