Learn about cycling in Poland. Personal experience traveling in Northern Poland, Pomerania, Lublin regions. Tips, Strava routes, places to vist.

Bicycle tour from Vilnius to Berlin raising funds for Ukraine

Two amateur cyclists have planned to cycle between the capitals of Lithuania and Germany, illustrating the Lithuanian cyclist community’s determination to support Ukraine in the shameless conflict started by russia.
After leaving Vilnius and crossing Suwalki – Olsztyn – Gdansk – Slupsk – Szczecin, in 6 days, we successfully reached Berlin and raised the Ukrainian flag near Brandenburg Gate. The total distance we did was 1211 km or ~200 km per day on average.

Adventures in Poland Getting Across Europe By Bicycle

Cycling in Poland. Getting Across Europe By Bicycle

Poland: Adventures Of Getting Across Central & Eastern Europe By Bicycle. The story about cyclists who decided to cross Central and Eastern Europe with a single attempt. In 16 days from leaving Vilnius in Lithuania, they managed to cycle 2400 kilometers and successfully have reached the southernmost point of the trip – Thessaloniki city in Greece. This article is about cycling in Poland.

Green Velo: Best Cycling Trail in Poland

Longest 1885 km Cycling Trail in Poland (Green Velo)

Green Velo Trail it is a newly built cycling path in Northern-East Poland. It is the longest marked route that starts in Elbląg city in the North and finishes in Końskie a little bit south from Warsaw. By traveling along the route on a bicycle, you will be able to see multiple regions of Poland, learn more about the culture, history, and entertainment of locals. In the following infographic, we provide fundamental information about the fabulous Green Velo route. Get on the bike and check it out yourself!

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