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Hiking in Latvia: Peterezers Nature Trail

Hiking in Latvia: Exciting Pēterezers Nature Trail

Pēterezers Nature Trail is a highly recommended short hiking route in Latvia, Kurzeme region. In this post, you will learn why it can be an attractive place to visit not only for nature lovers but also for families and anyone who likes being outdoor.
Moreover, we will cover the essentials that you need to know before getting to the place.

Hiking on a Baltic Sea Coast

Hiking on a Baltic Sea Coast

My name is Dainius, and I like to hike.
For me it is about minimal equipment, sleeping under the tarp, and heaving as much flexibility as possible. The trail is optional. Recently, I made a hiking from Ventspils pier to Klaipėda pier in four and a bit days covering 215+ km.
It is part of the official Baltic Coastal Hiking trail. This post contains all the information you will need to hike it.

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