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Julbo Arise Reactiv Performance 0-3. Developed to tackle all terrains, our Arise model is your new multisport passport to the great outdoors. The adjustable temples, ultra-slim frame and curved design guarantee optimal grip, coverage and extra-wide vision. Available with REACTIV Photochromic lenses and featuring classy looks thanks to flowing lines, Arise offers a real adventurer feel for all sports activities and everyday outings.

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Photochromic lenses (cat. 0 to 3 – visible light transmission rate: 12% – 87%), they get darker or lighter to match changing light conditions. Lenses adapt to all light conditions, including very low light (nightfall/poor weather). Internal anti-fog coating and external oil-repellent coating (prevents marking, makes cleaning easier and facilitates water runoff). Transparent base color with a smoke tint when activated. Ideal for endurance sports.

VLT (visibility light transmission) : 12% – 87%

Nose Grip : Flexible, shock-absorbing grip insert on the bridge.
Adjustable temples : The temple has a core so that the end can be perfectly adjusted and adapted to a helmet, hat or cap.
Grip Tech : Exclusive soft-comfort material on the temples that doesn’t stick to hair, giving perfect grip and comfort
Panoramic view : Wide lens surface for maximum field of vision.
Side venting : Side venting of air and humidity created by the lens shape.
Wraparound wide shape : Wraparound profile combining protection and good vision.



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Made in France. Sport and cycling glasses for active leisure lovers and advanced riders.
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