Esbit Majoris Food Jug 800 ml

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Esbit Majoris Food Jug 800 ml. Thanks to its reliable insulating technology, the food jug keeps hot foods warm or cold foods cold.

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It looks cool, but is hot when it comes to inner values.  The jug can be opened easily at any time thanks to the pressure release button, and the lid can also be used as a bowl. Enjoyment really can be this easy – whether it’s on a break in a hectic day at the office or on a day off exploring the great outdoors.
The large opening of the food jug is not only practical when adding food or eating it, it also makes it easy to clean afterwards. It holds about 800 ml.FJ800TL Technical data:
Water fill temperature: ~ 98 °C
Ambient temperature: ~ 20 °C ± 2 °C
Heat retention cap. after 6 h: ~ 70 °C
Heat retention cap. after 12 h: ~ 60 °C
Heat retention cap. after 24 h: ~ 40 °C



German outdoor tableware. Esbit camping equipment providing you comfort which you can rely on at any time.
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