Aztron Double Action Pump

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Aztron Double Action Pump

The new Aztron Double Action Pump inflates your board faster and easier with continuous pumping cycles in both downward and upward action. With a simple switch, you can easily switch to the single action mode for an easy inflation to the last few pumps.

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  • Double action hand pump
  • Rapid inflate and deflate with Single/Double switch
  • Maximum pressure of 27psi/1.8bar
  • Capacity of 2*2400cm3
  • Durable air hose at 1.26m/4.1ft
  • Solid aluminum shaft
  • Light and user-friendly foot base
  • Bulit-in air pressure gauge


Dimensions (CM) – 63 x 28 x 13 cm

Dimensions (INCH) – 24.8″ x 11.0″ x 5.1″

Capacity – 2*2400cm3

Max. Air Pressure – 27.5 psi / 1.8 bar

Weight – 1100 g / 2.42 lbs

Material – ABS, Nylon, Aluminum Shaft



Aztron SUP & skateboards

Aztron products range from its signature Double Chamber inflatable standup paddleboard to skateboards.
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