Aztron Aluminium Double Paddle


Aztron Aluminium Double Paddle

Aztron Style II 2in1 Aluminum SUP/Kayak Paddle is the perfect choice of top quality and value for money. it has a user friendly 3-piece adjustable design.

The low aspect design makes it easy to lift out of the water with each stroke and also great to lean on while wave riding.

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Aztron SUP

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Durable composite nylon blade with smoothed edge
Double blade design for kayaking and allows riders to paddle efficiently without the need to switch paddle sides and swap hands
Enhanced blade structure with center knell
Lightweight aluminum shaft
Multiple pieces allow the paddlers to break part for easy transport and storage

Blade Area 725cm2 /
Shaft Material Aluminium
Weight 1450g / 2,97lbs
Model AC-P211
Blade Material 100% reinforced nylon
Length 224cm / 84″



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