Pinguin Fold Alu Silver 185x55x1.5cm


Pinguin Fold Alu Silver 185x55x1.5cm.

Very light (470g) foam folding mat. Thanks to the undulation of the mat surface, higher comfort is achieved with a lower mat weight.

The reflective layer of reflective aluminum on the upper side reflects the radiated body heat and thus helps to increase thermal comfort. If you are unsure, sleep on the “silver” layer, not the other way around.

Due to the fact that the deformations of the mat fit together, we also saved on the size after packing, although it is still relatively large. On the other hand, due to its weight and resistance to moisture, it is not a problem to attach it anywhere on the outside of the backpack, so its volume does not limit you.

Due to the fact that the mat does not inflate, it does not suffer from the tendency to rupture, burn or puncture, respectively, these damages will not affect the quality of your sleep in any way.

There is no need to explain this to the golden Czech hands, but in addition to its normal use, this mat can also be used as a seat (folded or half-folded), a seat pad against moisture or a shortened mat with its own cushion.

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Technical parameters

Dimensions 185 x 55 x 1.5 cm
Face Rectangle
Mass  470 g
Outer material  Aluminium foil
Transport packaging A pair of drawstrings
Type Foam
Height up to 3 cm
Dimensions after packing 55 x 13 x 13 cm
Approximate value of thermal resistance  2 R

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