Esbit Titanium Pot 750ml 110x99mm


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Esbit Titanium Pot 750ml 110x99mm

The capacity of the pot with lid and a practical, folding handle is about 750 ml. Not only the pot can be transported in the supplied mesh bag, but also the folding Esbit titanium cutlery (not included), for instance. The pot is ideal in combination with the Esbit solid fuel stove ST11.5-TI.
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For food Pots and pans
Dimensions 11.0 X Ø9.9 cm
Material Titanium
Volume 0.75
Weight 0.106 kg
Catalog numbers PT750-TI



Esbit always attached great importance to quality since the invention of our pocket stove and solid fuel in 1936. Following this engineering finesse, they have consistently expanded product portfolio. Outdoor products provide you security which you can rely on at any time. The simplicity of innovative products makes them user-friendly.

Esbit products
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