Esbit Pot With Heat Exchanger 2.35 L


Esbit Pot With Heat Exchanger 2.35 L. Lightweight, stable, yet highly efficient thanks to the heat exchanger at the bottom of the pot.

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Outdoor pot made of hard anodized aluminum.

With practical litre / oz scaling. Comes complete with lid, gripper and pot cloths.

  • Made of extremely light, hard anodized aluminum
  • Highly efficient due to heat exchanger
  • 1. Considerably faster cooking than without heat exchanger
  • 2. Less energy consumption
  • Pot cloths included
  • With practical liter / oz scaling
  • Gripper made of hard anodized aluminium
  • With convenient meshbag
  • Size packed: ~ H 125 x Ø 202 mm
  • Weight: ~ 412 g
  • Volume: ~ 2350 ml

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German outdoor tableware. Esbit camping equipment providing you comfort which you can rely on at any time.
Esbit products
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