Pinguin Nomad 50 Double


Pinguin Nomad 50 Double.

We’ve all seen a lot of jokes about a woman’s tendency to occupy most of the bed, so why can’t you, outdoor enthusiasts, try it too?

Five numbers full of foam in the dimensions of a small “airport” will give you and your dear half sleep in maximum comfort, not to mention thermal insulation. In addition, the surface is made of brushed polyester, which prevents the sleeping bag from slipping on the mat and is very pleasant to the touch.

As advocates of an equal partnership, we have equipped this mat with two nylon valves, so you don’t have to decide for a long time who is next to blow up. On the other hand, the mat is not divided into several chambers, so gentlemen can help their partners a lot.

Apart from the classic use, it can also be used as a soft play mat for your little ones.

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Technical parameters

Dimensions 198 x 130 x 5 cm
Face Rectangle
Mass  3140 g
Foam construction Solid foam with a shaped surface
Foam Polyurethane
Outer material  Brushed polyester – non-slip, TPU Lamination
Bottom material  Polyester, TPU lamination
Valve Nylon, 2x
Repair set Yes
Transport packaging Yes
Type Self-inflating
Height 3 – 5 cm
Dimensions after packing ⌀23 x 65 cm
Approximate value of thermal resistance  5.8 R

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