Esbit Stainless Steel Pot 625 ml

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Esbit Stainless Steel Pot 625 ml. It holds ~625ml and has 2 folding stainless steel handles, which saves space while ensuring safety and comfort as you cook.

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There’s one traveling companion that often joins the trip a little later: Hunger. So it’s great if you can just take a break then and cook something to eat.

You’ll soon never want to go on trips again without this high-quality stainless steel pot. For extra practicality, the lid can be suspended right by the pot during cooking. The pot has an oz./liter volume indicator, and also comes with a practical mesh bag.

  • Pot made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Capacity indicator in ml and oz
  • Practical hanger for lid
  • With folding handles
  • Stores in convenient mesh bag
  • Dimensions: ~ H 103 mm x Ø 110 mm
  • Weight: ~ 223g
  • Volume: ~ 625ml

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German outdoor tableware. Esbit camping equipment providing you comfort which you can rely on at any time.
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