Brooks England B17 STD S Imperial


Brooks England Saddles

Brooks England B17 STD S Imperial. The B17 S Imperial is the ladies version of the B17 Imperial and features the central cut-out, first designed by BROOKS over 100 years ago. The “registered cutting”, as can be read in the 1890 catalogue, is “a sure preventive to all perineal pressure”.

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Saddle material Leathern
Lenght 242 mm
Width 176 mm
Height 58 mm
Weight 0.46 kg
Catalog numbers B211DILA07202



Brooks is an English manufacturer who is specializing in handmade seats for cyclists. It is best known for leather saddles, which perfectly fit for long bicycle tours or daily commuting. Brooks is committed to providing the very best comfort for every cyclist no matter if you have a road, mountain, trekking, or city bicycle.
In you can find a full range of various saddles from their latest collection.
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Brooks England Saddles
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