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Vaude Performance 7 M. Very lightweight sleeping pad for trekkers and mountain climbers looking to travel light.

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Very lightweight sleeping pad for trekkers and mountain climbers looking to travel light
  • 7 cm thick, with high-performing Primaloft® insulation
  • very small pack size
  • easy handling
For all those tours where every ounce counts! When packing your pack for a “fast & light” adventure, a longer trek in the outback, or a multi-day mountain tour, you know how crucial lightweight, space-saving equipment like this sleeping pad can be.
A special construction in combination with advanced materials and an “egg” shaped form (183 x 51 x 7 cm) allows for very little weight without having to scrimp in comfort and warmth. The sewn-in Primaloft® insulation adds that critical layer of protection from the cold ground.
Developed for
Trekking, Mountaineering
Further applications
  • Model: 12813
  • Weight: 410 g
  • Fill Weight: 60,00
  • Length: 183,00 cm
  • Shoulder Width: 51,00 cm
  • Foot Width: 51,00 cm


  • Primaloft® Black Insulation ECO for the best warmth
  • super lightweight insulation pad with an exceptionally small pack size
  • rounded corners for lightest weight at maximum comfort
  • air chambers aligned lengthwise ensure an ideal relation between weight and insulation
  • comes with emergency repair kit
  • comes with a pack sack for transport and storage
  • exceptionally small pack size for easy transport, even in a daypack
  • welded insulation on upper side for best thermal retention and heat reflection
  • easy-to-use VAUDE flat valve
  • Pump Pillow: optionally available, Model: 12826-225




Great selection of outdoor gear equipment from Vaude. Vaude is a German producer of mountain sports equipment. Products include tents, backpacks, and sleeping bags.

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Weight 560 g


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