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Lightweight sleeping bag for hiking: the hydrophobic properties of its synthetic insulation ensure the best nights sleep in the wild. Its THE bag for occasional nights out in the open. Here at MILLET, we know how to make expedition bags, and we put all our mountain expertise to good use for the whole range. Take this synthetic twoseason model, which manages wet conditions very well. “Under canvas, you often have to deal with condensation,” explains Antoine, product manager. “Moisture can come from the body, or outside, particularly in wet weather or by the ocean. Theres ground moisture, too. Synthetic fill responds well to all these types of moisture.” Other advantages of syntheticfill bags are their affordability and ease of care: “You can machinewash a synthetic bag and store it compressed.” A must for everyday life, the BAIKAL 750 was developed using all MILLETs technical expertise.

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  •  comfortable mummy shape
  •  synthetic fill and polyamide shell protect from cold and wet
  •  double side zip and inside anticold flap / inside pocket
  •  hood with drawcord
  •  left or right hand zip, combinable


  • total length : 225 cm
  • shoulder width : 77 cm
  • foot width : 42 cm
  • volume after packing : 4,5l


  • comfort temperature : 10°c
  • limit comfort temperature : 6°c
  • extreme temperature : 6°c
  • comfort temperature : down to this temperature, the user feels no cold when lying relaxed on their back.
  • limit comfort temperature : between the comfort temperature and the limit comfort temperature, the user must curl up to stay comfortably warm. below the limit comfort temperature, the user may feel the cold.
  • extreme temperature : the temperature at which the user will have a strong feeling of cold, which may affect their health (hypothermia). users are advised not to reach this temperature.


  • main fabrics : polyamide 40 denier 255t ripstop//100% polyamide
  • other fabrics : polyester 50 denier 300t//100% polyester
  • other fabrics : super mix fiber//100% polyester


  • 920g


  • trekking

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Millet is a French-based company specializing in outdoor equipment such as backpacks and sleeping bags, owned by Lafuma. They also offer a wide variety of other equipment, like clothing.
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Weight 1000 g



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