Pinguin Sherpa 30


Pinguin Sherpa 30.

Lite version of comfortable self-inflating mat with excellent thermal resistance.

It is not always possible to find a flat surface that does not slope when camping, and we know the unpleasant feeling when you slowly glide on a smooth mat until you finally wake up on the cold ground.

That’s why we used brushed polyester for Sherpa and Nomad mats, which on the one hand adds a pleasant suede feeling, but above all increases the friction between the sleeping bag and the mat.

Thanks to the vertical perforation, we also achieved that even the “triple” mat has a very pleasant packability and weight while maintaining maximum comfort.

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Pinguin camping gear

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A sleeping mat that suits for any your challenging hiking adventure.

Dimensions 183x51x3 cm ;
Package size: 14×27 cm
Material Upper material: Polyester non slip bruhsed, TPU laminated;
Bottom material: Polyester TPU lamination
Weight 0.77 kg

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Pinguin camping gear
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