Pinguin SAVANA 185


Pinguin camping gear

Pinguin SAVANA 185

Summer sleeping bag with hollow fiber filling.

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To mild cold.

Savana and her smaller sisters – Savana Lady and Savana Junior – are other sleeping bags with ThermicFibre 6 filling. .

With a temperature comfort of 1 ° C, it will be your partner from spring to the beginning of autumn and for hardy workers even longer. Savana is especially suitable for summer camps, caravanning and other activities not too demanding for a place in a backpack.

Technical parameters

Mass 1.4 kg
Filling type Synthetic – ThermicFibre
Insulation filling Thermicfibre PFM
Filling design Double layer
Outer material Polyester DWR
Interior material SoftLite polyester
Height 185/195 cm
Width (max / min) 85/55 cm
Volume after packing 9.4 L
Volume after compression 6.1 L
Connectivity (P + L) Yes
Dimensions after packing / compression Ø18×37 / 24 cm
Face Mummy
Type Men’s (185 – 205 cm)
Determination Summer
Thermal comfort for women 6 ° C
Thermal comfort for men  1 ° C
Temperature extreme -15 ° C

So that it is not cold

Because we know that winter is the number one enemy of sleep, we fight it by all possible means.

  1. The zipper is, of course, double-sided and can be closed both inside and out. In addition, it is provided with a layer on the inside, which effectively prevents air from blowing through it. In addition, it is stuffed, so any zipping would not even arouse the pea princess.
  2. Right behind the head hole is the shoulder collar. After withdrawal, it retains heat very well inside the sleeping bag and at the same time prevents the user from inhaling steam into it from the mouth.
  3. It will seem like a banality, but which of us would think of wearing clothes pegs in nature? That’s why we equipped our sleeping bags with two loops for easier hanging and faster drying.

Individuals and couples.

Thanks to the placement of the zipper on the left or right side, it is possible to connect not only two Savannas, but also Savannah with all mummy sleeping bags with ThermicFibre filling , from the same batch, which will surely be appreciated especially by couples in love. In addition, this functionality significantly increases thermal comfort.

Double layer thermal insulation ThermicFibre 6 (2x100g / m 2 )

Double-layer thermal insulation ensures that cold joints do not form in the filling. This means that the filling is formed of two layers of fleece on top of each other, where one layer is sewn at intervals to the upper fabric and the other layer is similarly sewn to the lower fabric, only the seams are shifted so that they do not overlap anywhere.


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Pinguin is one of the oldest Czech brands making equipment for an active stay outdoor. It belongs among the traditional manufacturers in the tourism segment, who have shaped outdoor equipment in the form we know it now. The owner of the Pinguin brand is the Czech company Activent 365 s.r.o., headed by the original founders.
Pinguin camping gear



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