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Pinguin camping gear

Pinguin NOMAD 75 NX. Wide self-inflating mat with a height of 75 mm.

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A sleeping mat that suits for any your challenging hiking adventure.

A rectangular mat with a width of 63 cm will take care of your maximum comfort. It is an ideal choice for those of us who like to roll over. The height of 7.3 cm ensures ideal damping of unevenness of the substrate.

The construction with two layers of relatively large horizontal cavities on top of each other saves even more the weight of the mat, while maintaining high thermal comfort.

The cavities also form a pleasant corrugated structure of the mat after inflation.

Sanding the top layer of material increases its friction, so you won’t get a sleeping bag off the mat.

The high-flow double valve provides easy inflation of the mat without air escaping when closed. By pressing the valve, the pressure in the mat can be regulated when it is inflated.

Technical parameters

Dimensions 200 x 63 x 7.5 cm
Face Rectangle
Mass 1760 g
Foam construction DHC – Double horizontal chambers
Foam Polyurethane
Outer material  Brushed polyester – non-slip, TPU Lamination
Bottom material  Polyester, TPU lamination
Valve DLF – Dual layer flat valve
Repair set Yes
Transport packaging Yes
Type Self-inflating
Height 6 cm and more
Dimensions after packing ⌀26 x 33 cm

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Pinguin is one of the oldest Czech brands making equipment for an active stay outdoor. It belongs among the traditional manufacturers in the tourism segment, who have shaped outdoor equipment in the form we know it now. The owner of the Pinguin brand is the Czech company Activent 365 s.r.o., headed by the original founders.
Pinguin camping gear


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