Pinguin Nomad 50


Pinguin camping gear

Pinguin Nomad 50. Comfortable self-inflating mat. Full foam with formed surface construction. Repair kit and carry bag included.

We expect that you will take such mats to the camp somewhere to the water. And because it fits in the car much more than on your back, you can simply afford to take a pound more.

With this mat, we focused mainly on comfort. No more compromises, five honest numbers full of foam, which is only shaped on the upper side to further increase your comfort.

In addition, its upper material is brushed polyester, which prevents the sleeping bag from slipping on the mat and is very pleasant and tactile.

Out of stock 😐 Reach out to us for alternatives!

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Pinguin tents

Sleeping mat that suits for any your challenging hiking adventure.

Technical specification

Dimensions 198 x 63 x 5 cm
Shape Rectangle
Weight 1650 g
Foam construction Solid foam with egg-wave-egg shaped surface
Foam Polyurethane
Upper material Brushed polyester – non-slipping, TPU Lamination
Bottom material Polyester, TPU lamination
Valve Nylon
Repair kit Yes
Carry bag Yes
Type Self-inflating

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Pinguin is one of the oldest Czech brands making equipment for an active stay outdoor. It belongs among the traditional manufacturers in the tourism segment, who have shaped outdoor equipment in the form we know it now. The owner of the Pinguin brand is the Czech company Activent 365 s.r.o., headed by the original founders.
Pinguin camping gear
Weight 1650 g


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