Pinguin Micra 195 (Right)


Pinguin camping gear

Pinguin Micra 195 (Right). Lightweight mummy sleeping bag for summer nights, designed for summer and mountain biking. Reversible zipper located on the side of the sleeping bag allows to join two sleeping bags together. Zippers side are insulated.

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A sleeping bag that suits for any your challenging hiking adventure.

Packaging 15×28/18 cm
Inner material Poliesteris Microlite
Outer material Neilon Ripstop DWR
Insulation BHB micro 120 g/m2; 2 layers.; Synthetic
Temperature Comfort women: 6°C;
Comfort men: 1°C;
Temperature extreme (°C):-14
Size 195/85/55 cm
Type Mummy
Comfort temperature 0°C to +10°C
Weight 1.1 kg

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Pinguin is one of the oldest Czech brands making equipment for an active stay outdoor. It belongs among the traditional manufacturers in the tourism segment, who have shaped outdoor equipment in the form we know it now. The owner of the Pinguin brand is the Czech company Activent 365 s.r.o., headed by the original founders.
Pinguin camping gear
Weight 1100 g


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