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Ortlieb Rack Three. The ultimate bike rack! The ORTLIEB Rack Three offers you the right solution, whether you’re on your way to work, the grocery store or around the world. One unique advantage of this all-purpose bike rack is its compatibility with all ORTLIEB attachment systems. Outfitted with convenient mounting elements for the QL3 and QL3.1 systems, the Rack Three allows you to attach all ORTLIEB bags directly to your bike without any other modifications. If you want to use the Rack Three exclusively for your QL2.1/2/1 bags, you can easily remove the attachment elements for the QL3.1/QL3 and thereby create even more space for your panniers.
The Rack Three’s double-rail design allows you to attach all bike bags with a QL2.1, QL2 or QL1 system to a top level or a lower level. Selecting the lower level gives you the option of simultaneously attaching a bike basket or a Trunk-Bag to the top of your bike rack and expanding your overall stowage space.
Rack3 is suitable for bicycles with wheel sizes of 26” and 28”.
The maximum load is 30 kg.

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Ortlieb waterproof bags, collection 2020


+ Platform width: 100 mm
+ holder for optional rear light
+ tube diameter: 10 mm

More Information
COLOR black
MATERIAL aluminium
BAG TYPE single
ADAPTER Quick-Lock3.1
360° VIEW 360° View
WEIGHT 700 g | 24.7 oz
LOAD 30 kg | 1058.2 oz
EAN 4013051045162
PROPERTIES Quick-Lock 3.1

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Ortlieb is a manufacturer of outdoor equipment based in Germany, which specializes in waterproof bags. Ortlieb is a leading manufacturer of waterproof panniers for bicycles. In addition to bicycle accessories, Ortlieb also produces outdoor, trekking and expedition equipment for water sports and motorcycles. Special shoulder bags and backpacks are offered for bicycle messenger.
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