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Ortlieb offers a great selection of waterproof bicycle bags for casual cyclists and advanced travelers. Developed and produced in Germany, Ortlieb always assures optimal price and value proportion. Every year the vendor introduces new collection models that have the latest design, performance, and protection solutions. Check out our collection and find the best option for you!

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Ortlieb waterproof bags, collection 2020

For all Ultimate Six models, as well as the Barista, Velo-Pocket and Handlebar Basket.
Spare handlebar mount with locking function allows you to conveniently and securely attach your handlebar bag or basket to a second bicycle. Make sure to take a note of your key number in case you need to order an additional key at a later time.


+ 1 locking handlebar mount
+ wire cable and screws
+ 2 keys

COLOR black
MATERIAL polyamide
BAG TYPE single
ADAPTER Ultimate6
SIZE none
EAN 4013051031349
PROPERTIES Made in GermanyNo PVC



Ortlieb is a manufacturer of outdoor equipment based in Germany, which specializes in waterproof bags. Ortlieb is a leading manufacturer of waterproof panniers for bicycles. In addition to bicycle accessories, Ortlieb also produces outdoor, trekking and expedition equipment for water sports and motorcycles. Special shoulder bags and backpacks are offered for bicycle messenger.
Ortlieb products


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