MSR Coffee Press WindBurner 1L


MSR Coffee Press WindBurner 1L. Fast-brewing coffee maker for your WindBurner Stove System.

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Available for WindBurner 1.0L and 1.8L pots, these coffee presses turn your WindBurner Stove System into a rapid, windproof brewing machine. The presses feature a durable stainless steel strainer disc and a flexible perimeter gasket to seal out coffee grinds for the freshest, cleanest brew. The whole piece easily disassembles and lays flat for packing with the other components inside your system, so you never have to be without your coffee, whether you’re on the road or on the trail.

SKU 09223
Width (Standard) 3.8 in
Weight (Standard) 1.3 oz
Weight (Metric) 0.04 kg
Length (Standard) 3.8 in
Height (Standard) .7 in
Compatible with MSR WindBurner only

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