Inflatable SUP Starboard iGO Tikhene Wave (11’2″X32″)


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11’2″ x 32″ Tikhine This great shape blends nice glide with good stability. Suitable for day trips, yoga sessions and fitness workouts. The increased waterline and higher volume makes the 11’2″ x 32″ a top Tikhine choice for riders above 100 kg.

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Starboard Inflatable SUP

  • Amazing artwork and inspiration.
  • Shoulder Carry Strap making them effortless to carry to the water.
  • Tail carry handle. It can be converted to a paddle holder, one of many Starboard innovations.


  • Target rider: The perfect inflatable introduction for first-time paddlers and riders who want style.
  • Key features: Built-in shoulder strap, paddle holder and bungee tie-downs on the nose.
Fins: Supplied with rollable fixed fins, thruster setup.
Tikhine inflatables are built LIGHT and include a built-in shoulder carry strap making them effortless to carry to the water.
The board’s carry handle is flat, well suited for Yoga exercises and relaxing poses.



Starboard was founded in 1994 by Svein Rasmussen, a Windsurfing World Champion and Olympic participant. It all came together by the vision of bringing innovation, quality, and inspiration to the world of wind, water and waves. Together with customers and partners, Starboard engages at any level possible to protect the fragility of our Oceans. Still making the best watersports gear backed by endless world titles and product awards, the tiki brand with roots in New Caledonia, Norway and Thailand firmly remain the premium brand in windsurfing and paddle boarding already for 2 decades. Now Starboard and Tiki strive to not only be the best in the world but also best FOR the world.
Starboard products


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