Helmet Uvex Gravel x rhino-plum

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Helmet Uvex Gravel x rhino-plum

There are requirements and standards. And there is UVEX. UVEX helmets don’t just comply with high requirements, expectations and standards, they exceed them.

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Lightweight, super-safe and with first-class ventilation: the UVEX gravel x is just waiting for that next off-road adventure. A helmet for off-road adventures – thats the UVEX gravel x. Its true home is where the fun with a gravel bike really starts – away from the asphalt. The tough and impact-resistant double inmould helmet conveys a great feeling of safety and thanks to anatomic size adjustment has a simply perfect fit. Keeping the riders head cool on every trip are 17 ventilation channels – fitted with insect mesh of course. For tours in the twilight hours and added safety, the gravel x can be fitted with an optional plug-in LED.
Double inmould technology
Reflective decor elements
17 ventilation openings
Anatomic IAS fit system
Monomatic fastener
FAS straps
Bug net
Vent pad
Optional Plug-in LED (NOT INCLUDED)
Weight: from 300 g

Double Inmould shell – Protective EPS material is foamed directly into the polycarbonate shell and fitted with a second Polycarbonate shell. This technology allows to create a lightweight helmet with highest impact resistance. Second Polycarbonate layer gives extra protection to the outer edge from damage. EPS is a material, which contains microscopic air chambers. They effectively absorb the impact forces created in a fall.
VENT PADS – Interior features significantly affect a helmets comfort. The Vent Pads consists of high quality moisture wicking material with embossed ventilation channels. They are comfortable and soft on the skin, dry quickly, are removable and washable.
Monomatic – Multi-stage and anatomically shaped UVEXs monomatic comfort closure opens and closes at the touch of a button, with just one hand. The chin strap always sits perfectly.
FAS – Fast Adapting System webbing can be easily and continuously tailored to your exact head shape. The helmet stays securely on the head in all situations and the webbing straps are always in the best position.
IAS – The UVEX IAS adjustment system allows accurate, individual adjustment of the helmet to the head circumference just with one hand.

Please measure your head circumference to get the right helmet size (1.5cm above ears).

Wearing an UVEX helmet ensures your safety. Every helmet undergoes rigorous tests in our testing centre, so that the quality and function is guaranteed. Standards: EN 1078

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German high-quality products for active people. Offers range for cycling safety - helmets, and eyewear. Uvex protects people from being hurt.
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