Aztron Cruising Rebel Fiberglass 3-Sec Paddle


Aztron SUP

Aztron Cruising Rebel Fiberglass 3-Sec Paddle

Built to be extremely durable under different conditions, Aztron REBEL paddle truly rebels against the current to move you forward.


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  • Durable composite nylon blade with smoothed edge
  • Rigid spine positioned in the center of the blade for stiffness
  • Flexible fiberglass shaft with uni-directional carbon layer
  • Entry-level paddle for cruising and flatwater paddling
  • 3-section adjustable shaft 180 – 220cm
  • All-round style nylon T-bar handle
  • Weight 820 gr



Watersport company focused on making innovative products with the highest safety measures without compromising performance. Aztron products range from its signature Double Chamber inflatable standup paddleboard to a full range of composite and full carbon fiber hard boards.

Aztron SUP
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